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Common Questions

Q: What if I do not pre-register? Can I still audition?

A: We prefer all applicants pre-register which will help speed up the actual registration process at the time of auditions, however, it is not required.

Q: How many years of dance experience are required?

A: We do not have specific criteria for this. Most of our dancers have anywhere from 10-25 years of dance training, but if a dancer is able to perform the choreography and has the talent and passion, much less experience may be required. Please refer to our Youtube page to watch some of the Femme performances. This will help you gauge the difficulty of the choreography.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear something that is comfortable and sexy and reflects your personal style. Make sure it is something that you can dance "full out" in. Avoid accessories that may fly off while dancing or high heels if you are not used to performing in them. Please do not wear shoes that will leave marks on the floor. Make sure you have your hair and make-up "performance ready."

Q: What can I expect at auditions?

A: Please arrive ON TIME. We will have a staff member check you in at the front door of Anytime Fitness and direct you to the dance studio.  The public does not have free access so if you are late the doors  may be locked. You will be given a few minutes to stretch and warm up. You will learn choreography for the first 20-30 minutes and have about 20 minutes to continue to practice on your own. You may be asked freestyle as part of the audition as well as do some across the floor work and perform the choreography that was taught. You will audition in small groups; the size will be dictated by the number of applicants. Once you are done with your audition, you may leave. The process will likely take 2-3 hours.

For further questions please e-mail or send us a Facebook message.

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