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Femme Feroce: Gasoline, A Short Film

Titans Better Have My Money

Femme Feroce Presents: Good For You

Dance Concept Video

Anniversary Show Announcement

The Official Femme Féroce Music Video

Femme Feroce Presents:

Dangerous Woman

Recording artist Grace Weber "Perfect Stranger" music video featuring the Femmes

Femme Féroce: Dessert

Creme de la Creme Burlesque Festival

Behind the Scenes: Femme Féroce 2016 Calendar Shoot in Cozumel, Mexico

Femme Feroce Performance Reel 2013

Femme Féroce New Year's Eve Performance, Milwaukee Art Museum

Produced and filmed by:

Flipeleven Creative

Femme Féroce Video Teaser

Opening of Red White & Blue bar, Milwaukee Jan 2016

For more videos, check out our Youtube page!

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